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This eye opener article will help you to make your mindset.

Young people in the role of parents are trying to make all facilities available to their kids and not bothering about development of social skills in our future generation.The youth of India is thinking about ways to earn money, not about purity of actions. Young generation of India has a dream to earn money in billions and planning to make their future safe. They are running after govt jobs not to serve but to earn money by hook or crook. But, they do forget that in last only our loving one matters. This article is a must reading material for them.


Many a time we had found that everybody is running or craving to get more wealth or money so that they can acquire more happiness or security. Most of the time this is for better future and prosperity. We try to earn money more and more to fill the gaps of our insecurity and instead we happen to end with lots of vacuum in our life. While it is very true that money plays a vital role to run our errands but beyond that; somehow or the other, it cannot help in bringing mental peace or building a healthy relationship.

Money : Two schools of thoughts

earn money to buy happiness

1.Earn Money because it can buy everything.

We can’t deny that we earn money to lead a comfortable life. If we have dependents, they too look for their necessities to be fulfilled through us. We are seen as a source of giving them all necessary stuff. We are earning money not for only us but for our dependents too.People say that you can buy love, respect, and status through money, true to some extent, But I have three doubts against this school of thought.

First, definitely most of the things, even people can be purchased but only one condition is there ‘if they have a price tag’ otherwise not.

Secondly, will all these stay with us once we loose money ?, not really, most of such things will leave us once money ends.

Thirdly, buying something new will serve short time happiness, this does not last forever. We are greedy, we will always get bored with the old and want new things, it’s like a mirage. In fact, the more the man has, the more he wants. Instead of patching a hole, creates another. The more we earn money to fulfill the vacuum of life, it generates another.

 (2) Earning money cannot give everything.

There are other aspects apart from earning money. Happiness with peers, security with family, peace with pride, body with health, mind with soul, a society with emotion and much more, does all could be acquired through money. Money can buy admirers, not affection. Money can’t buy well-raised kids, close-knit family, natural beauty, worry free mind, quality time with family.

I have a question if two people are there one who is always ready to ride with you in the limo, and another one will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. Which one is more important for you?

So, for whom you are planning to earn? Happiness is not having any price tag.

Think, Wait and Watch

A very old maxim is “Look before you leap”. Earning money is not bad. But look where this money is coming from? How legitimate is it? Does this whole amount (here money) be your hard earn? Or how much you really require?

Even if you plan to earn and save for future or for your retirement or for your hay days, how often you justify that how much money you really require for your retirement? The sense behind this is, do you really require a house, a bungalow, a mansion or simply a HOME, A REAL SWEET HOME.

Actually, the whole effort to earn money is a checkerboard or a merry-go-round. The choice is yours.

If you want to earn and earn for the sake of safety, security and investment and returns; then you have to hop-skip n jump on this black & white (read happy and sorrow) checkerboard of life

or  you really want peers, family, health, pride & emotions then be on the ride of merry go round and earn money for the better basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter; beyond that money cannot get us anything.

Unfortunately, the truth is, for the sake of everything we earn money and while earning money we put everything on a stake.

Government Job gives an opportunity to serve the society and nation. This, in turn, will give mental peace along with prosperous and healthy life with the support of family.Make your mind set before joining any government job. Read one more interesting article by clicking on it.

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