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This article covers essential facts regarding West Bengal which will be useful for our readers for cracking questions in UPSC exams related to global affairs. This article covers all the facts you need to crack UPSC questions on West Bengal.


West Bengal State was created on 15th August 1947

Surrounded By CountriesBangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.
Surrounded by StatesBorders with 5 states – Sikkim in north, Assam in east, Odisha in southwest, Bihar and Jharkhand in west
Area88,752 Sq Km
Area Rank14
Population rank4
Official LanguagesBengali, Nepali and English.
Sex Ratio950 females per 1000 male
First Chief MinisterPrafulla Chandra Ghosh
First GovernorC Rajgopalachari
Literacy Rate77.08%
RiverBhagirathi, called Hooghly  is a branch of Ganga which provides kolkata its link to sea.


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Historical Facts about West Bengal

In 1757 ,Battle of Plassey was fought  between the Nawab of Bengal & Siraj-ud-daula on this land.

Bengal is also called as Land of Renaissance as many social reforms like Swami Vivekanand, Raja Ram Mohun Roy and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar   inspired to the masses.

In 1905, Lord Curzon, the then viceroy of India divided Bengal state on communal lines. This caused great resentment among the masses and Bengal  reunited back in 1911.

Calcutta (now Kolkata) was the capital of India till December 1911.

When India got freedom in 1947, the Bengal was divided again two parts and West Bengal came in India  East Bengal in Pakistan.

S.Bos from West Bengal

Culture of West Bengal:

West Bengal ‘s cultural heritage is similar with Bangladesh. Different traditions of the state are based on the Bengali folklore, Hindu epics and Puranas. Rabindranath Tagore is the key figure of the culture of Bengali from the early 20th century and his influence is still there even today. From  the early of 20th century , movies were  the integral part of the culture of the Bengalis.Legend Satyajit Ray gave a new height to movies with his vision.

Crafts of West Bengal:

Handlooms, textiles, the silk sarees of Murshidabad and Baluchari, etc. of West Bengal are famous. Not only this Cane and bamboo work , various kinds of leather items, clay toys, masks are made in the state of West Bengal. Chhau and Rabindra Nrithya are some of the famous dances in the region.

Festival of West Bengal:

Durga Puja  of  West Bengal is famous all over the world . Diwali and other festival like Id-Ul-Fitr, Lakshmi puja, Sivaratri, are also part of the culture of West Bengal.

Traditions of West Bengal:

Bengalis love to eat in their traditional way i.e  is on the floor, where individual pieces of carpet, called asans, are spread for each person to sit on. In front of this seat ,a large platter made of bell metal/steel is placed.

The marriage is conducted at the house of normally the bride, in the presence of a priest but only in the evening.

On the wedding day, the ceremonies, ‘Dodhi Mangal’ and ‘Gaaye halud’ (turmeric bath) will be done  in both the houses.  They decorate wedding place  with attractive patterns(alpona) made out of rice paste with water.

Musical Heritage of West Bengal:

  • Rabindra Sangeet

  • Adhunik
  • Jibonmukhi
  • Bengali Rock Song
  • Nazrul Geeti
  • Shyamasangeet
  • Bangla band
  • Flock song

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