How Internet Helps in UPSC Preparation

UPSC Exam preparation and internet
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Use of Internet in upscTitle of the article –how internet helps in UPSC preparation must be looking funny to you. But don’t forget that we are the citizens of 21st century, the era of virtual dominance. Ever increasing involvement of the world wide web in our day to day life is also evident in our preferences for seeking exam guidance. Now the UPSC aspirants surf the net for their queries rather going through tedious text material. They are looking for Internet to get answers of all questions related to UPSC Preparation.

This doesn’t mean that UPSC aspirants have shed away reliance on text materials. They are rather using a clever mix of both the available facilities for UPSC preparation. It’s a known fact that smart work triumphs hard work.

How Internet Helps in UPSC Preparation

UPSC aspirants who don’t know how internet helps in UPSC preparation or aspirants who aren’t much aware about the resources at their disposal may seek guidance from this article. They would find it helpful in empowering the UPSC preparation and provide them en extra edge over the contemporaries.

Internet & Resources available for UPSC Preparation

We all carry smartphones and aren’t usually versed with the capabilities it possesses. The time has for you to unleash the digital powers to use in academics by restructuring your schedule by incorporating time for constructive web surfing. However, caution must be taken as getting distracted is the easiest thing that could happen while surfing, which a serious UPSC candidate can’t certainly afford.

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Refer Government Websites for updates

Govt websites for UPSC Preparation

 UPSC Examinee is supposed to write essays on certain topics and issues in the UPSC mains exam. Embedding the essay with facts and data increases its impact on the evaluator. This is where government websites come to your aid. Constant updates, reports and data are made available online which certainly books cannot facilitate. We are providing certain links that will show you how internet helps in UPSC preparation.

  1. – To Download NCERT Texts as PDF.
  2. – To Download NIOS Online Materials.
  3. – To Download IGNOU Books.
  4. – To Download Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines.
  5. – Press Information Bureau Website, for government updates.
  6. – PRS Website for tracking bills in Parliament.
  7. – IDSA website for Defense and Foreign relations.
  8. – Indian Council for Global relations.
  9. – Ministry of Environment and Forests.
  10. – Ministry of External Affairs.
  11. – To Download Budget and Economic Survey.
  12. – Press Trust of India.
  13. Down To Earth– For All the Environment and Geography related issues.

It does not mean that you have to start following all websites. Check them once and select which seems suitable to you. Otherwise, you have another option, start googling all Ws like what?why?which?where?how?when? of any topic.

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Read Book reviews before purchase

Books for UPSC PreparationForget the hassle of wandering from place to place, searching book stores. UPSC aspirant could save a lot of time by going through online portals for knowing suitable books for UPSC preparation. I too at any moment prefer online reference over searching book stores. So, save your time and take help of internet. Place an order for online purchase if you are looking for any book for UPSC exam Preparation. This is how internet saves your time for UPSC preparation.

Facebook Pages helps in UPSC Preparation

facebook page for UPSC preparationIsn’t it surprising that Facebook could also be helpful? Nothing is bad unless you misuse it, so put your FB account to some work. You should subscribe facebook pages of reputed news channel and discussion forums that constantly furbish you with perks of current trending issues. However you must be highly selective in choosing the Fb pages, as many times the page may drain your time too for nothing. If you are able to keep yourself undistracted by notifications and updates by friends then certainly FB is a powerful tool. You must be getting now the answer of above given question-how internet helps in UPSC Preparation?

Helpful Mobile Apps

UPSC Preparation and Internet

UPSC aspirants need to have wide knowledge of surroundings, history, polity etc. You can keep any one area to prepare with the help of Apps. Several Apps are available for studies. Apps related to Indian Constitution, Indian History, English Dictionary, Daily Current news or Reasoning could be helpful in providing a daily dosage of information like when you are travelling or supposedly you are in a social gathering due to unavoidable circumstances. The importance of these apps is that you end up doing something constructive even in your free time in a convenient manner. I know, this sounds interesting and you are smiling. You can tell others how Internet helps in UPSC preparation.

Google Maps and visualisation

If you have opted Geography as an optional paper, then Google map would help you to actually visualize the topographic conditions of locations say for example the Himalayas. 3D Maps are certainly a worthy tool for kinaesthetic approach towards UPSC preparation.

In the end, I would say that technology is double edged sword. Internet can help you a lot in UPSC preparation if you manage your time otherwise same internet can distract you from your path. So, keep two tricks in your mind to make best use of Internet for UPSC Preparation.

Two Golden Rules To Make Use of Internet in UPSC Preparation

  1. Stay offline
  2. Schedule time to come online

This was all about ‘how Internet helps in UPSC preparation’ from my side. I invite you to add more points to help others.

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