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IAS Interview is finishing line. UPSC aspirants need to cross three stages of the hurdle to achieving success. Third and the last stage of UPSC civil services exam is of personality test generally called UPSC Interview round. We are hereby giving interview tips to prepare you to face this hurdle of UPSC Interview without a problem.

Stage -3-IAS Interview or UPSC Interview


Objectives of IAS Interview

Objects of UPSC  in conduction Personality Test is not cross-examining a candidate rather they want to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service by a competent and unbiased Board.

Through UPSC Interview, they want to check mental calibre of the candidate. Learning facts is different from tackling real life situation. The personality test is not intellectual quality but qualities like mental alertness, clear and logical exposition, critical powers of assimilation, a balance of judgment, the ability for social cohesion and leadership, variety and depth of interest, intellectual and moral integrity will be judged.

IAS Interview Preparation will not include practice of speaking only.You need to check and improve all above given skills.

Technique For IAS Interviewupsc interview

In UPSC Interview, board of Interviewers will not cross-examine the candidate but they will indulge you in a natural, though directed and purposive conversation to examine candidate’s mental qualities.

IAS Interview is not a stage of back to back question answer round rather you would feel that you are indulge in a group conversation in a very cohesive environment.

Syllabus For UPSC Interview

As already said above that objective of UPSC Interview is not to test either of the specialized or general knowledge of the candidates which has been already tested through their written papers. IAS interview is to test an intelligent interest of candidate in his subjects of academic study as well as also in his surroundings.

That simply means, Current affairs of country and world and candidates opinion on the issues along with your own resume and academic achievements and interest areas.

MYTHS about IAS Interview (Personality Test)

interview tips

Candidates make some myths in all examination. In the same way for UPSC Interview several myths exist,which hinders candidates’ success. IAS Interview Preparation will move in right direction only if we remove all myths from our mind. Let’s talk about myths.

  1. Personality can not be changed.

    The first myth which candidates keep in their mind that they cannot change themselves. If you go for deep analysis of candidates of last two to three years and compare marks of those who reappeared in the interview, you can see the improvement in their marks. Means you need to start your preparation for interview.Starting IAS interview preparation on correct time can help you to improve your personality.

  2. Luck matters.

    No doubt we see in our surrounding that luck gives comparatively higher jump but to get a push of luck you need to put your effort too. Nobody can achieve everything only by luck.The human effort with a planned and systematic preparation is the first requirement. Depending only on luck is just an excuse made by a failure. SO, get ready for your part of Interview Preparation,luck will support you.

  3. Strict Interview

    It is one more myth that some interviewers are strict. It seems very illogical. Why do any panel will be rude with anybody? They are there to select best out of group, not to take any revenge. All panels are unbiased and friendly and award all range of marks. If you will take care of IAS Interview Tips given below, you will laugh on this myth.


UPSC Interview Preparation: From Where To Start?

UPSC aspirants, it’s my genuine advice for all of you to start preparing yourself from today.It’s not a test of your memory but of your overall personality which can’t be made overnight. You need to toil.

 You have to impress a group of unknown members. You should start your IAS interview preparation to impress that group.If you will prepare yourself in advance, you will be relaxed and confident on the day of upsc interview.

Interview preparation will give you an edge over others. So, don’t wait for the D-day to come. Start from today itself. Remember ‘Rome was not built in a day’. We are giving few Interview tips, which will definitely help you in performing better.

IAS Interview Tips

  1. Wear a Smile
  2. Be Confident
  3. Tame Your Impulsiveness
  4. Use Common Sense
  5. Pratice Both aspects of Communication
  6. Be Honest

IAS Interview Tips : 1 : Wear A Smile

give IAS interview with smileFrankly speaking, telling some one to smile is not about tips but its just one reminder to all of you. I know that only name of UPSC itself is a big pressure and aspirants do forget ‘how to smile’.

My dear friends, ‘smile’ on our face is as important as cloth on our body. There in noting like tips or strategy for it. It should be natural. A smile is a universal welcome to positivism. A smile is a positive body language which can become part of your personality with practice.

Check always that you are wearing a beautiful smile. After few days it will become your habit. You need to start from today, be optimistic, revive your childhood curiosity and sense of humour. See your smiling face in the mirror. See whether you are looking cheerful or not.

To read more about positivity go through ‘ Start your Journey with Positivity’

IAS Interview Tips : 2 : Be Confident

We all are born crying. Confidence is not built in a day. Rather I would say, people who are in our surroundings make us confident. You must be wondering! Don’t you think that we get confident when we get a good result or positive feedback? The moment our family members, friend or teachers appreciate, we feel confident. Isn’t it?upsc interview

Now, the question is -Why anybody appreciates us? Undoubtedly, for our achievements. If we perform well, our parents, well wishers and friends praise us. In-fact, we earn it.

Most important question-How can we achieve anything? No need to say, by putting our skills and hard work.

Its virtuous circle of hard work->achievement (cleared upsc mains)->appreciation->confidence->hard work->

So to have this confidence, keep yourself among your well wishers who get happy on your achievements. To clear UPSC Interview, you don’t need any certificate of competency because you have already proved it by clearing mains.

 Tip is same for those who are planning to appear in UPSC Exams in coming future they need to start practising their interview skills and believing themselves.

IAS Interview Tips : 3 : Tame Impulsiveness

Do you react without thinking? If so, control your impulsiveness. In simple terms, you need to learn to be calm and interview tips for upsccomposed.This is most important interview tip. Practice calming strategies, such as muscle relaxation, yoga and cardiovascular exercise such as jogging. You must be thinking, how it would help you in facing Interview?

 This will help you in developing a positive listening habit. Listening is a process. It is also a skill and civil servants or people who are in public dealing should master this skill. By harnessing this skill, you will listen to interview board carefully and will response carefully.


IAS Interview Tips : 4 : Common Sense

IAS interview questionsCommon sense is common to all. But it is a highly under-utilized asset. Need to use this ability regularly. If anybody is giving you a lecture on words like mental alertness, rationality, clear and logical disposition they simply mean pure common sense.There is nothing like interview tips in it too. We all have it. But get hesitant to use it.

For  Example. There are three monkeys on a tree branch. One decides to jump. How many monkeys are left on that tree branch?

The answer is three.  A monkey has only decided to jump but has not actually jumped.

It seems difficult but very easy. You need to practice it. Listen to questions carefully because the answer lies in the question itself. Develop the habit of giving a positive response to a negative question. Bookish things do not always work, try unusual answers for such question but support your answer with a logic.

IAS Interview Tips : 5 : Practice Both Aspects of Communication

Communication includes both Verbal and Non-verbal parts. Verbal Parts of Interview will consist of Speaking and Listening and Non-Verbal will consist of your body language. You need to make balance in all. Listening, Speaking and your body language all have a direct connection with your thinking. You need to make yourself mentally strong. That would be possible only by practice again.

Aspirants give time for written papers and start preparation in very advance in the same way to master their communication skills they need to practice from the beginning. Practice to think logically on burning issues, to express their  opinion in front of a group of four to five people and most important –selection of words i.e. practice of speaking polite and formal language avoiding slangs and casual words. Ask someone to keep close eye on your non verbal body language when you are discussing in group. Take all suggestions in a positive note and improve your behavior too.

Only by reading about interview tips cannot make improvement in your body language and speaking skill, you should start speaking in group.

IAS Interview Tips : 6 : Be HONEST

One of the most important interview tips is ‘Be Yourself.’ If you want to remain confident, Be yourself. If will try to bluff or lie, will get caught by the expert panel. Present yourself honestly with your own original version.

We all know that ‘nobody in this world know everything’ but the way you show your ignorance matters. It’s OK if you say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I am unable to recall right now’ with a smile. It’s also ok when you use common sense with confidence and reply honestly by roaming around the answer avoiding exact figure. But you can use this trick in one or two questions only.


‘What is the sex ratio of your Home state? Reply assuming that you do not know the exact sex ratio.

Did you say “I do not Know” as an honest answer? Use your common sense and make one honest answer. E.g. “I do not Know the exact figure but the ratio is adverse to Female in my home state. However, it is comparatively less adverse than All India Figure and not as alarming as y and z states.”

Honesty also means objective of joining civil services is to serve society. If you are planning to get a post to make money by all ways that will be get reflected in your answer.  Read link

Conclusion: As per the Law of Harvest ‘you reap much more than what you sowed and nourished till now’ So, to get success in UPSC Exam start nourishing yourself from today.

We wish you all our good wishes. Be confident and wear a smile on your face and crack IAS Interview.


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