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how to prepare for upsc
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IAS Preparation for UPSC Mains Exam demands a definite approach to cross the line of success. A large no. of aspirants appear in IAS exam every year but few get success. What is the secret behind their success in UPSC? Yes, they have specific IAS preparation strategy for UPSC Mains Exam 2018. How to do IAS Preparation without coaching?

 IAS Preparation for Mains-Tips for beginners

In the present scenario, when UPSC mains examination has undergone few structural changes, question paper have become very dynamic and innovative. In new Syllabus of UPSC ,besides some apparent changes such as the increase in the number of general studies papers and its syllabi, the internal dynamics of new pattern has put an extra onus on aspirants to come up with little extra in terms of their efforts as well as approach for IAS preparation for mains that will elevate them to cross the final line between success and failure.

During IAS preparation, IAS Aspirants are supposed to develop some skills and qualities

  1. Integrated approach
  2. Balanced View
  3. Respecting others views
  4. Open mildness
  5. Creativity
  6. Writing Skills and command over language
  7. Self Confidence
  8. Listening and Presentation Skills
  9. Well Arranged thought process
  10. General Reading habit

ias preparation for upsc mains

IAS Preparation Tips  for Prelims Examination

General Studies can not be mastered in few days, you have to start early. I always suggest UPSC aspirants to start from schooling days. Obviously, a candidate must have knowledge of surroundings whether they are appearing in any competition or not. UPSC Preliminary Examination of civil services is being considered one of the toughest examination in fact, but it can be handled with certain techniques like

  • Be calm and stress-free on and before this one-day examination.
  • Handling negative marking is the key to crack to prelims. There is no substitute practice while preparing for this phase of this civil services examination, you need to take help of various test papers. You would get accustomed to a variety of questions with practice.
  • Be a keen learner. Once you will develop the habit of comprehensive reading you would be able to connect various aspects of general studies with one another, we get an edge over others. Diversified study and awareness pays a lot. In simple words, read as much possible.
  • Always try to learn and attain knowledge. We must be familiar with AIR, PIB, India Portal other government media.

IAS Preparation Tips  for UPSC Mains Examination

The UPSC main Examination is the key to achieving final success in this civil services examination. One cannot rely upon the last stage i.e. interview but one can give once best for the main examination to make the dream come true. We would like to suggest some techniques for IAS preparation which are specially for your skills as mentioned in introductory part of the article. In simple terms, you have to sharpen your skills during your preparation for IAS exam.

  1. Respecting Others Views.

    When we are open minded and we believe that other’s view is also correct to some extent, then the chances for improving the quality of our answers rise for sure. This approach is relevant for the all the UPSC main papers including GS-IV (Ethics) and Essay.So,for preparation of IAS Mains exam you should be ready to listen others view point also.

  2. Integrated and Comprehensive Approach :

    If you are dependent only on textbooks and coaching notes for IAS preparation for mains, you can’t develop your own viewpoints. Your approach must be comprehensive and multidimensional. Looking thing in totality and trying to find a relation among them pays a lot.

  3. Writing Skill and Command over Language:

    After 2013, upsc syllabus for mains examination & its pattern has been changed.Question Papers are very less traditional and more dynamic. Merely following textbooks does not pay much in this situation, now one can not rely on mugging up things for IAS preparation. Importance of writing skills and language is increased and to write you should have content in your mind. To express that content, you need to have command over the language. We have found this thing common among maximum IAS toppers that they have command over the language they opted as their medium and they had excellent writing skills also. Whatever the language you opt, be it is English, Hindi or any other Indian language as your medium, you should have command over that particular language and you should be able to write well in that language without grammatical errors.

  1. General Reading Habit:

    In this age where information is easily available, media is proactive to give information on our doorstep, our general reading habit other than textbooks has fallen drastically. If one wants to score extraordinary marks, one must expand one’s area of reading like books of general interest and magazines while doing ias preparation. Through this way, our answer becomes more diversified, comprehensive and interesting, particularly in ethics and essay.

  2. Essay and Ethics are the Game Changers:

    After analysis the UPSC Mains mark sheets, it can be easily found in two papers GS-Iv and Essay, scores are very fluctuating. In an essay, one can get only 50 marks and another one can fetch even more than 150 marks out of 250 marks. This makes a huge difference. Same is with GS-IV. Few candidates get near 60-70 marks while some others get around 110-120 marks out of 250. To get a good rank, you need to pay due importance to both of these papers as a strategy of your preparation of IAS.

Unfortunately, candidates ignore these papers of UPSC. Never ever think to write directly in the examination hall. Essay writing is a skill and you should practice it before appearing in the exam. Try to practice more and more for essay and GS-IV.This is main strategy of preparation for IAS Mains.

IAS Preparation Tips For UPSC Paper of Essay.

Bonus Points-

  • The essay must be systematic and a well arranged Thought process must be reflected in it.
  • There must be a flow whole essay. There must be a clear connection among the two consecutive paragraphs.
  • The range of an essay must be wide and comprehensive. Various aspects like: – historical, cultural, social, economic, geographical, philosophical and political must be discussed during the development of the essay.
  • There must be a visionary introduction in the beginning in one or two paragraph. The essay must be concluded with a clear conclusion. Another angle of the topic must be discussed, before the conclusion, if possible.

To read more about UPSC Essay Writing Preparation click the link.

Some IAS Preparation Tips for Interview:-

  1. You are what you are. So don’t try to become like others. Be natural, remain calm.
  2. Never bluff. Don’t try to befool the board at any cost.
  3. Listen to the board with patience.
  4. Start answering only after they conclude their question.
  5. Again try to follow the principles of middle path and respecting other’s views.
  6. Be humble and a keen learner so that they may identify whether you are trainable or not.

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General tips for the whole process of IAS preparation

  • Have confidence in yourself.
  • If possible, try to gain employability before entering into this long preparation process. This helps in remaining pressure free during the preparation.
  • Your family and friends play a very important role in your life and in your preparation so don’t ignore them.
  • I would also advise remaining in touch with those persons who have a positive energy and motivational force in them.
  • Try to retain the things which you have studied and revised. Understand what you read and for the purpose, It is better to read one book for ten times than to read ten books for one time.

An Early start will be the best policy for your IAS preparation. We wish you good luck for your success. To get answer of any question related to UPSC exam and UPSC Vacancy , visit the link.


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