UPSC Toppers and their Success Secrets


Everyone. Each aspirant of IAS and other civil services wish to know preparation strategy of IAS toppers. Here, we are bringing crux of IAS topper’s preparation strategy. We have compiled them in points but these points are taken from their interview given at several forums.

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IAS Toppers-Preparation Strategy No-01

Believe in yourself

If you have decided to go for civil services, stay focused and believes in you. Any success story starts with positive attitude. One thing is common in all toppers; they all believe in their capabilities. They prepared for civil services with positive mind set.

IAS Toppers-Preparation Strategy No-02

Go one Extra mile:

K.Dinesh Kumar with rank 6 in exam of 2016 gives one tip of taking one extra step while preparing optional paper. One extra mile means, add extra point or extra scholar for every topic to give more weight-age to your answer. He suggests using Google for 30 minutes to search that one extra point of your topic.

upsc topper k. dinesh kumar

A. Dinesh Kumar 2016

pic courtesy :IAS Score

IAS Toppers-Preparation Strategy No-03

Newspaper Reading on daily basis.

upsc topper varun sharma

Varun Sharma 2013-Image :Jagran josh

Varun Sharma who was on 155th rank in 2013 believes in reading daily two newspapers to stay tuned with the changes in the surroundings. He suggests that this habit of newspaper reading will give you edge in paper of general studies.

IAS Toppers-Preparation Strategy No-04

Use of Government websites

ias topper

Raghvendra Singh-2012-Image-IASpassion

Raghvendra Singh who was on 12th rank in 2012 suggests using PIB and GOI websites along with newspapers. He also advocated starting preparation of mains just after prelims.

IAS Toppers-Preparation Strategy No-05

Practice through Mock Test:

ias topper munish sharma

Munish Sharma-2013-Image-Jagran Josh

Munish Sharma 2nd rank holders in 2013 suggest giving mock papers regularly for Paper II especially to candidates of non-science stream.

IAS Toppers-Preparation Strategy No-06

Discussion in groups

upsc topper nishant jain

Nishant Jain-2014-Image-AmarUjala

Nishant Jain candidate from Hindi medium got 13th rank in 2014 exam and gives stress on importance of group discussion. He advocates regular participation in discussion with friends and other experts as it helps to know different aspects of same topics.

IAS Toppers-Preparation Strategy No-07

Notes making and regular revision

Jasmeet upsc success secret toppers

Jasmeet Singh Sandhu-2015-Image-Hindustan Times

Jasmeet Singh Sandhu got 3rd rank in 2015 and suggests to divide the topic into sub-topics & to prepare points on them. This summary helps in revision; which should be done frequently.

IAS Toppers-Preparation Strategy No-08

Coaching Vs. Self Study

It’s not a question of selecting which is good or bad. There are two types of people; one who need a gentle push to stick on the path and second who are self-motivated and can plan for them. No doubt coaching will give you ready made preparation plan along with study material but at the same time it will consume your time too. If you are going for first attempt, you can join any good coaching but for others studying by own would be better as now a days a lot of material is available online.

IAS Toppers-Preparation Strategy No-09

Essay writing

Toppers suggest practicing writing more essays as it improves structure. They suggest using simple language to reflect clarity of thoughts. Following language used in books of NCERT and its lucid style makes each concept very easy and a new person for the concept understands very comfortably. Body Part of essay should be explained in points not in paragraphs

This is not the end of secrets. We will keep on updating with success strategies of rank holders.

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