Trick of Assumptions helps in making Ideal Career

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It’s very courageous to take a decision of appearing in any exam for example. Once you enroll, you start horrifying after going through the syllabus. Don’t get panic. It’s because you are thinking about all things together. This problem can be solved very easily. You need to use a very common trick of ‘Assumptions’. Your ‘ ideal’ is your brave decision now you need to frame, a boundary of assumptions so that you don’t get distressed. Any examination is mere a process and can be cleared with confidence only. To proceed, we can take UPSC exam for reference here. 

So let’s start encouraging yourself with the trick of “Ideals and Assumptions’. Get Ready To Crack UPSC Exams with a correct mind set.

Ideals And Assumptions

 Ideals and assumptions are a necessity and very useful component of the road to success.

 Why Ideals ?

ideals and assumptions for UPSC preparation

The ideal is defined as “A conception of something in its absolute perfection”. Does absolute perfection exist? No, but we talk about it a lot. It is always going to be something that is impossible and never happens. Then why do we talk about such things which can never exist in the real world? Because it is always a good way to start.

Take yourself back to your school days, imagine being taught motion of a body with consideration of frictional forces right from the beginning. Isn’t it nasty? The gradual change from the ideality to reality helped us cope up with our academics. The Same rule is applicable in our life.

We are being taught from our childhood to have our own ideals and to follow them. The main aim of the scheme is to provoke thoughts regarding different possibilities and perfection.

 Ideals show us a path to move. In absence of any ideal, our efforts will go in vain. It will be like starting our journey without thinking about any destination to reach at. Our ideals of life resemble the plans of any builder. If the builder wishes to construct an admirable building he must secure admirable plans. In the same way, If the sculptor aspires to carve an immortal statue, he must fashion first a worthy model. Someone has well said, Ideals are engines drawing us to a higher level.

 How to make ideals?

While making ideals we must be very careful. Aiming for something whose implementation, in reality, is impractical would lead one’s effort to vain, this would gradually make the depression and frustration sink in his mind. He will give up his effort. We vary in our capacities, intellectual and mental calibre, and in mental and physical strength to do things. Therefore, different people should have different ideals.

Ideals must suit to one’s calibre, then only ideals will be realised. We all should endeavour to live up to our ideal. The only condition is we should chalk out our own ideal according to our own standards.

 Finding oneself lost in the ocean of idealities, one requires an acquaintance for appropriate guidance. You would surely be able to recall how Lord Jamvanta made Lord Hanuman realise his true ideality and hence tapping the hidden potential.
Decide your ideal job position based on your capacity and start working on it.If you have decided UPSC Civil Services, start working for your ideal.

Why we need Assumptions in UPSC Preparation?

Next, the thing is Assumption which is defined as “a thing that is assumed to be true”.The reader may smile on this vague concept that we need to assume few things to be true to move forward. But we do it in our daily life unknowingly. For ex- when we check our mailbox we assume that mail was delivered by the mailperson. Isn’t it. Thinking on different aspects could make our life miserable.

Yes, we all make unexamined assumptions very often. They are several facts or beliefs that we don’t question because we “know” they’re accurate, even though they may not be.  We often say “But I assumed…” and face the consequences of our incorrect assumptions. Why did we assume? Because we wanted to make process simple.

 In Economics assumptions are used in order to simplify economics processes which become easier to understand. We just simplify a problem by making assumptions and using ideal concepts. Once you solve that, you introduce realities one by one and modify the problem. This way, we can reach an almost accurate solution in minimal time. If we will start with all complexities at once, we will never be able to solve the complete problem. As we stated earlier that gradual increment from ideality to reality helped us to deal with the mind-boggling syllabus of school academics, similar goes by for assumptions. Starting without assumption is like aiming in dark.
Don’t think about all problems altogether. Start assuming that things will move in your ideals direction. One by one with time you would be able to overcome with all hindrances of the way.

In the same way, if you are preparing for UPSC Civil services, don’t think about full syllabus altogether. Start your preparation with assumption that things are controllable. Start with the easy part to boost your confidence and to make assumption a practical one.Daily give time to your studies. Don’t take break. Move forward in your preparation for UPSC EXAM.

We must learn to appreciate merits of ideals and assumptions and habituate to them. It seems very awkward in the first instance. But both have their importance.

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