NDA Preparation-The Ultimate Guide

If you are planning to serve the country by being an officer in any of the three wings of armed forces and appearing in NDA exam 2018, you must be thinking about preparation strategies. NDA preparation demands specific tips to crack the exam.This article will help you in your preparation for NDA exam 2018.

Here, we are covering only NDA written examination. To read the strategy to face SSB interview, read link.

NDA Preparation Tips for Written exam

Preparation Time:Start off after your class X (best strategy)
Mode of examination:Written test followed by an Intelligence and Personality test
Negative Marking:Yes
Paper:The Written exam will consist of two papers with objective type questions.

Paper-1 Mathematics for 300 marks and

Paper-2 General Ability for 600 marks.

NDA Preparation for Paper 1: Mathematics


  1. NDA PreparationClarity of concept: The questions of NDA exam will test your basic understanding of the concepts. Go back to the basics if concepts are not clear and try to solve as many sums as possible. You need to solve books of NCERT of 12th Examiner will try to confuse you in many questions to consume your most of time in calculation and thinking. If your concepts are clear you will be able to answers all questions within given time duration of UPSC Online NDA Exam.
  2. Solve Mock Questions: Questions are asked in NDA exam in both forms: to complete the statement or to solve. Proper practice is required once you clear your concepts.
  3. Time Management: Ideally, in written NDA exam there would be 200 questions to be solved within 120 minutes, so you will have to practice to come up with the answers in less than a minute
  4. Mental Mathematics: You have to fast and accurate  in basic calculation and concept. This demands mental mathematics. You can’t depend fully on paper and pen to attempt in given time. Your NDA preparation demands your practice for it.
  5. Revision Sheet: While going through basics make your own quick revision sheet for important mathematics points and formulae.

NDA Preparation for Paper 2: General Ability

NDA Preparation for : Part A: English

  1. Read One National English News Paper Daily: English paper consist comprehension part which is very scoring. Reading newspaper gives you three fold advantages, First, you improve your vocabulary, second, your knowledge of surrounding get for important mathematics points and formulae updated and most important you develop reading ability which helps in solving comprehension part.
  2. Improve your vocabulary: Vocabulary can’t is made overnight. You have to start from today for NDA preparation. Learn daily few new words and use them in your day to day life.
  3. Revise Basic Grammer: NDA English paper basically tests your basic English skills, because you are an upcoming officer. The grip on Grammer and Vocabulary both will contribute in scoring higher marks. Solve thoroughly Wren and Martin Grammar book.
  4. Attempt English Test: Collect previous year’s papers of NDA exam and solve them. Several tests are also available online. Attempt them.

 NDA Preparation: Part B: General Knowledge (GK)

  1. Stay updated with daily news: To prepare this paper to follow news updates regularly.You are supposed to be aware of the latest happenings in the field of sports, arts, literature, politics, finance, banking, tax, RBI and the like. For the purpose, read one national newspaper , you can subscribe new updates on your mobile also.
  2. Awareness about Policy Changes: You have to collect information approx. five years ago. So you don’t only to read about the current economic scenario in the country but understand changes that occurred from past policy and such other topics that are directly related to India and its neighbouring countries.
  3. Clear your Basic Concepts of all subjects: Go through books of NCERT for Physics and Chemistry from Class 12th level and Biology, Geography, History, Political Science, and Economics up to Class 10th level. Don’t hesitate to read books of vi,v ii,v iii to clear your basics for NDA preparation. Prepare subject wise and revise each topic.
  4. Questions will not be classified sectionwise in NDA exam ,so you need to be ready to face questions from any subject. For the purpose best practice would be to practice by solving old papers or taking online tests.
  5. In Physics questions may come on practical applications.Your NDA preparation strategy should keep it in mind.
  6. In Chemistry, learn classifications of elements, compounds and mixtures to get ready for NDA exam.
  7. General Science and application in life: You cann’t ignore environment science and general science and their applications in current situation.
  8. Command over Historical Facts: You should be very strong on the India’s struggle for freedom, Constitution of India and the political scenario of India


General NDA Preparation Tips For all Papers:


  1. Collect Syllabus and All Study Material: To reach a destination first thing which is required you should know ‘what is your desination’. First understand what actually you need to study and what are the resources which you can use.
  2. Make Time Table : Since childhood we are being taught from our seniors to make time table to do things ideally. So you need to do is make your own schedule and allot Four different slots. One for Mathematics, second for General Studies , third for English and fourth  for discussion with parents/friends or teachers. Its only the utilisation of time makes difference between success and failure.
  3. Spend time on understanding yourself: Do your SWOT analysis. S-strength,W -Weakness, O-opportunity and T-Threat. Understand your weak areas and try to strengthen them
  4. Meditation :Prepare yourself for those 2-2.30 hrs of exam hall. Mediate for minimum 15 minutes to learn to be calm in the examination hall and answer the questions within the stipulated time without any fear. .
  5. Avoid Guessing: You cannot afford to loose marks by negative marking. Clear concept and practice will help you to overcome this problem. Answer only if you are very sure of the answer.
  6. Read as much as possible : Reading Newspaper, Magazines, Gk books etc. enhance your overall general knowledge.
  7. Communication skills includes 4 core skills – Reading, writing, speaking and listening Develop them specifically in the The English language.
  8. Most important “start thinking and behaving like an officer” this practice help you to look at things in a mature way.

Books Suggestion For NDA Preparation:

Candidates may choose books for NDA preparation as per NDA Syllabus. Few suggestions are given below.One book as a text book, one each to prepare English and G.K. As well as you should also have a collection of old question papers to do practice.

First check NDA Syllabus before purchasing any book.


Links for NDA Syllabus , NDA Application Form , NDA Result and NDA Admit Card.

We wish good luck to our readers. May God give success to all those who are doing NDA Preparation.

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