Poonam’s Journey: From MCD School to UPSC Exam

Poonam and child after success
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Start New Year with an inspirational success story. These stories never get old as they are a good source of energy. During your life journey, you would come across several moments when you will lose hope and may fill like giving up everything. You need to hold yourself from breaking down.

Today, we will share five success secrets which ensure sure shot victory. These success mantras have been extracted from the story of Poonam Dalal, a brave mother of 3 months old child who did not leave making efforts till achievement of her dream job position. We are sure that after reading these five success secrets, you will not allow yourself to stop working for your dream.

Five Success Secrets from life of Poonam Dalal Dahiya

Life story of Poonam Dahiya gives top five success secrets which works in all walks of life. Her story is about dedication and hard work.

Don’t forget, success belongs to brave people only. To taste success you have to come out of your comfort zone.

Success Secret-01: Winners never make excuse

If you find gender inequality or

belong to a lower income background or

you could not get access to regular college or

if you feel that you have reached near upper age limit or

you are married and having responsibilities of raising kids or

if you feel that you need to do job to support your family and cannot spare time for preparation of competitive exams.

Then you are just making excuses and in reality you either don’t have belief in yourself or refrain from doing hard work.

Poonam at school

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As we have taken example of Poonam Dalal Dahiya, who belongs to a family of Chhara village in Jhajjar District, Haryana. Though Poonam was born and brought up in Delhi but her financial background was not very sound.

Poonam could also live a life with several excuses but she started working in an MCD school after clearing her class XII. She never made her financial background a point of excuse in her life. She was an ordinary woman like others but she was determined to get success on her own.

You can find here that gender and financial background can never be a reason of failure.

Success Secret-02: Winners never stop learning.

Most of us would take the backseat once we secure a job as primary teacher or something similar in government establishment. But,Poonam was not ready for it. Her urge to study made her, what is she today.

She could not go to a regular college but she did her graduation through distance education from Delhi University. She continued her job of primary teacher and her studies simultaneously. It was her zeal to learn and to get education which moved her forward and she continued her education.

Success comes through learningimage courtesy :flickr

In whatever field you are, you should never stop learning. Keep pace with the time. It’s not all about earning that makes a career successful. A career is a long path and this path needs continuous up gradation of skills.

If you are making excuses that you did not get right schooling or coaching facility or you have responsibility to earn and you cannot study or learn new skills, you are just making an excuse. If Poonam Dahiya can do, you can do it as well.

Success Secret-03: Winners never stop trying.

Most of us live an average life only because of two reasons.

First, we get satisfied with things which come to us with our first attempt.

Second, we don’t have courage to try new or difficult things.

If you will read biography of successful people, you will find they never stopped trying.

Success comes when you try

Let’s take case of Poonam Dahiya, she was working as a primary teacher and she could continue with it. But she wanted to give herself all chances to change her life.

She did not only complete her graduation with her job but after completing her graduation she started appearing in all government exams of graduation level. She did not only appear in several PO level exams but also cleared all of them. Finally she joined The State Bank of India.

This was the beginning of her success journey from Primary Teacher to SBI PO. She served at SBI for three years meanwhile she was aiming to try better than this. In 2006 she cleared SSC Graduate Level exam and secured 7th rank. This is how she moved from SBI PO to Income Tax Department.

Like all other girls she also got married in 2007 with a decent and well settled guy working in government sector. We all dream of a secured job and loving family, and she was having both. She could have lived her life very smoothly as it was almost settled.

But, her best was yet to come. Her success in SSC graduate level exam gave her the confidence to give UPSC exam a shot. She was of 28 years when she gave her first attempt in 2009. She cleared UPSC and got RPF (Railway).

She didn’t join that service and sat for UPSC 2010. She again got Railways, but a different service (IRPS). She was not appearing in UPSC to join Railway therefore she left this opportunity and decided to give next and last attempt in 2011. Being a general category candidate she could try only up to the age of 30. (Earlier upper age limit for general category candidate was 30 years)

Unfortunately, in 2011, she couldn’t qualify Prelims due to uncertain reasons. She was not left with the option for UPSC. As per norm, her age became a hurdle in her further race to clear Civil Service. Meanwhile; she had cleared Haryana PSC and joined as Dy.SP in Haryana Police in 2011.

Poonam Dalal DahiyaImage Courtesy: ClearIASdotcom

Success Secret 04: Winners never give up

It happens with us that we try a thing once or twice then we give up if we don’t find results with what we chose. We often start thinking about people’s criticism and are reluctant to do away with comforts for life.

Poonam could also have given up after her first UPSC attempt in 2009 but she did not think about society and used all her attempts. She did not loose her hope and struggled till her last attempt. Simultaneously she also appeared in State Level exams.

As she did not stop trying for best, she covered her journey from Primary Teacher to Dy.SP. No doubt, if she would have got career guidance she could have achieved all these in her early age.

To win in your life, don’t give up while making all attempts. Sometimes the last key of the bunch opens the lock.

Similar happened with Poonam

Success Secret -05-Winners never waste opportunities

We get failure only when we assume that opportunity came in front of us is very difficult or impossible to do.

Opportunity knocks only once at your door. We must smell it and must give best to explore it. Sometimes it may  come in front of you like a surprise.

Surprisingly, Poonam got one more opportunity to appear in 2015 because of agitations and petitions from candidates who were affected by pattern change in 2011.Delayed but genuine decision by the government. All candidates who wrote for Civil Services Exam in 2011 were given an extra attempt.

Poonam and child after successImage courtesy: kalamfanclubdotcom

Any average woman who is away from academics from four years and doing a job of 24*7 will not think about appearing in UPSC exam. But Poonam was not amongst those who would just waste their opportunities.

Cherry on top was that Poonam was pregnant at that time. She was nine months pregnant and was expectant of a baby while giving her UPSC prelims. Despite all odds and physical toiling of a new mother she won in her battle of UPSC Mains exam while raising her 3 month old boy alongside. She emerged with flying colours and got what she dreamt of. She had all India rank 308! CSE 2015 Roll number: 0506094.

Poonam Dahiya in NewsImage Courtesy: ClearIASdotcom

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Wake Up and Gear up with these five success secrets and don’t stop till you achieve your dream.

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