UPSC Civil Services Prelims Paper-2017:More Conceptual Less Factual

UPSC prelims exam was held on 18 June, 2017 and after exam most of the candidates reported that upsc prelims question paper 0f 2017 was one of the toughest paper in last five years. But, if we recall the recommendation of Alagh Committee which suggested making paper a tool to test broad spectrum of knowledge of candidate, this question paper of upsc prelims 2017 was following the guidelines of committee. However, overall feedback of aspirants is giving hint that this year cut off will go lower side in compare to last years’ cut off.

ias prelims question paper 2017

Trends of Last Few Years UPSC Prelims Question Paper

If question papers of last few papers will be analysed, it will be found that papers were more factual and were asking more questions on current affairs. Aspirants who mugged up current affairs were getting edge over others. In fact, in question paper of 2016, current affair was dominating.

Analysis of UPSC Prelims Question Paper of 2017

After going through the question paper, following things can be said about this paper.

  • UPSC Prelims Question Paper is more Conceptual and less Factual:

Last year prelims question paper was for aspirants who were good in mugging up facts but comparatively this year paper was for those who reads comprehensively.

  • In Paper, options are very Close in most of the questions:

In first appearance, question paper seems easy but options in answer are very close which increases the probability of wrong answers.

  • Specific Details are asked in few questions:

Few questions became very difficult as answer were asked with detail to write.

  • Few tricky questions which ask both things concepts as well as facts:

There is nothing like clear cut picture of purely conceptual paper as UPSC asked few tricky questions in which both aspects were judged.

  • Fewer questions of current affairs in compare to last year:

This Year Question paper was balanced in compare to last year as in previous paper current affair was domination portion.

  • India Year Book, Economic Survey and PIB helped candidates:

Candidates who prepared from these resources got benefits as few questions were asked directly from here.

  • Direct Questions on Government Initiatives:

No. of questions were on the initiatives of the Central government such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Smart India Hackathon and National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF).

Section Wise Analysis of UPSC Prelims Question Paper-2017


No. Of Questions




Current Affairs and Environment News is source of reference.
History &

Art & Culture

6-Modern History

7-Ancient History & Art & Culture

Largely Factual

Modern History was more difficult

Art & Culture was diverse

Geography 10More Conceptual

70% paper based on Maps

Few tricky questions demanded careful reading

Few questions from traditional part like monsoon and irrigation.

Very less part of physical geography




Current Affairs from 2012-2016 in economics

Science & Technology

4 from GS &

7 from Tech

Application based Science questions

Technology part was overlapping with environment and biodiversity.



Direct and Conceptual

Basic Philosophy of Indian Polity and Constitutional Structure

Current Affairs


Govt Schemes, Laws and Policies. Difficult to tell exact no. of questions.

So, candidates for UPSC prelims 2018 should start their preparation with NCERT Books to make strong basis of their concept and start analyzing concept with current affairs and take help of PIB. Good Wishes for 2018 Prelims.upsc prelims question paper wishes


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