SSB Interview Preparation Tips for Five Days Procedure

In this article, we are covering all about SSB Interview Tips. A must read article for all NDA aspirants for SSB Preparation. First understand-what actually is being tested in this round?

SSB Interview: For Three Wings of the Armed Forces

If we take account of SSB aspirants, we will find that there are 75 % repeaters and 25% freshers. Each aspirant is having  common questions in his mind:

What is required for the selection?

What is the parameter of selection?

How are these parameters judged?

Can we have few Tips?

We can try to find out the answers to above questions because we know the five days procedure of personality test of SSB is very crucial for our readers.

Let’s start with the first question.

What is required to clear the SSB Interview?

The system requires content not the cover. Contents would hereby mean the internal forces. Further, the internal forces are approx 15 Officers like Qualities. Not everyone is born with Officers Like Qualities(OLQs), with the  time we automatically inculcate these qualities right from the childhood or right from our school going days, entirely depends on the kind of environment. SSB is based on principle of selecting suitable person for the job not the best person for the job. If an aspirant  is not selected in SSB that does not mean candidate is a failure in life. It just means that – the person is not fit to become an officer in armed forces.

You require good psychology and language. If you ask , “How to prepare for SSB?”, or “ Is for SSB  you need to study any predefined books and prepare?” Answer is  ‘NO’. In SSB you will not be judged on your academic performance ,it does not matter whether you were a topper or an average student during your school days. What matters is, what you are?  Means your over all personality. That will be tested through various personality tests in duration of five days

Psycholical Tests: The psychology is judged by various tests such as TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) and the language as well.

Language : Here , language means Expression. The word expression would again hereby mean the ability to express the way you want. The way you want means Hindi and English both.Suppose you are starting in English and you are not comfortable you can switch to Hindi and you can come back to English. Between this journey there should not be any stuck up or hesitation etc.

What is the parameter of selection by SSB?

SSB Interview

SSB Interview and its parameter has three components.

  • Opportunity Vs Achievement
  •  Academic Profile Vs Personality Profile
  • Imagination Vs Exposure

Opportunity  Vs  Achievement :

This concept is related to less opportunity and more development. Candidate’s personality profile will be prepared on this ground using his own socio-economic background and his development history. It does not make any difference whether you are from village or metro? Or you are son of President of India or son of a pretty farmer.

When opportunities are less or minimum and achievements are tough. Then there is race. You become competitive , enthusiastic , hardworking , you develop your foresight, vision , you become imaginative. When these things you confront, you become a winner, achiever or a leader. Whenever you meet out this profile then you are under the parameter. I will make you understand with an example.

The intelligence or the practical intelligence or achievement or development can be only measured by comparison. For example two boys studying in the same class, same school and residing in same village or town. One has good socio economic background, qualified parents , bike ,tutors , facilities of indoor and outdoor games that too with fee or sponsorship. Nut in comparison to the first one , the second one does not have minimum facilities , poor socio economic background with illiterate and semi illiterate parents with other kinds of responsibilities like teaching the siblings , parting hands in father’s work for livelihood etc. when examination or competition results comes, this second one (who is from poor socio economic ground) gets better grade then the first one. Here, the second one becomes the achiever who has achieved more within minimum resources.

Personality Profile Vs Academic Profile:

The maximum bouncing from the selection system is being caused due to the lack of proper alignment between personality and the academic profile. Academic profile is made while achieving or scoring excellence in your academics like 99.5 %, 95 %, 90 % or so on. Your personality profile is made by general awareness , reasoning , knowing the world around you, your planning and vision why things are happening? How they are happening? Why these are happening? And what is the solution? And finally your imagination and exposure.

Imagination Vs Exposure:

Are you the residents of Varanasi. ‘ Yes’. What are the problems Varanasi is facing? What are the solutions? If these solution are not applicable them what is the next one? Again another on? The third, fourth and so on. If you keep mum, or get fed up or you remain answered or if your mind is not working. Then you are lacking imagination and exposure. Where are you studying? Sir, in Sun Beam Public School. Please suggest me three reasons with which the school can be more developed.? If you keep mum then it will put a question mark on the above component. What are the solutions of this Electricity power failure? if you keep mum, then again there is question mark. What is your prime minister doing or bring or introduce the ‘good day’ if you keep mum then again you will face the question mark.

Therefore, please take my words and stop rushing from one coaching academy to another, otherwise you will become commercialized. Now what is required to know whether your academic profile and personalty profile is under the parameter or not. The first and foremost step is your personality and academic profile should correspond together that too equally and balanced.

How are these parameters judged by SSB Interview?

SSB Interview-Stage-1 Testing

After your reporting at given time, schedule of your test will start. In phase 1 you will go for Screening.

Screening : Screening process is very simple and you don’t need to do any special preparation for it.. It consist of few activities like:

  1. Verbal and Non-verbal Test: You will be given verbal and non-verbal sample questions which are very simple to attempt. After this test you will be proceeded for  PPDT after giving some rest.
  2. PPDT: This test consist of story writing and discussion. You will be shown a picture for 30 secs,  you will be asked  to write a story in three minutes only  based on the picture. After that, you will be divided into sub groups of 14-15 members. In group, firstly each candidates will narrate his story which will be  followed by the group discussion on the picture, among the group members.

SSB Interview Preparation TIPS For PPDT:

Writing Part:

First: While writing story there should be element of accuracy i.e. observe the picture carefully and don’t ignore minute things like glass kept on table.

Second: In your story, an element of relevancy and desirability should be there. You cannot ignore what is happening in the picture and your story should relate to it. You should try to answer three basic questions for the purpose.

  1. What led to the situation?
  2. What is happening? And
  3. What is the outcome of the happening?

Technically it is a process of four stages

  1. Hero Identification: Identify the Hero in the story (Indirectly, You are being judged as Hero)
  2. Problem Identification: Identify the problem which should be definite not vague.
  3. Execution Stage: This is a stage where the hero or the leader struggles to combat the problem.
  4. Resource Identification: You have to identify the resources.

Third: Your story should have an element of urgency , problem which you are identifying should have sense of urgency. If the problem is not urgent or stressful then it will not serve the purpose well.

Fourth: Write your story in simple words which will help you to express yourself clearly.

Fifth: Keeping time limit in your mind, keep your story short and simple.

SSB Interview Preparation Tips For Discussion Part:

First: Its a discussion to come to a common story. You donot need to put each other down. Cooperation will serve the best.

Second: Cooperation does not mean that you keep mum and start acting like a spectator there. You have to keep your views because you are being judged.

Third: It’s not a test of non-stop speaking calibre. Give opportunity to others too. Listen to views of others also.

Fourth: Merge maximum two to three stories and make a common story with consensus.

Fifth: Be honest in narration. Narrate what you have written.

Sixth: This is a platform where you are showing your confidence, convincing ability and ability to understand others view also.

After PPDT, candidates will be given rest of two-three hrs. Stage 2 will start after the declaration of result of stage-1. Qualified candidates will go for next stage.

SSB Interview -Stage-2 Testing

SSB Interview Preparation Tips for Psychology Test:

This is compostion of four tests.In it candidate’s responses are being recorded within given time limit. Its all about your thinking and writing speed. Be natural, legible and correct.

SSB preparation for psychology test

  • A-Thematic Apperception Test [TAT]:  This is an extention of PPDT, here you will be shown 11 pictures in which last picture is will be a blank slide.Each picture will come in front of you just for 30 seconds, after that you will given 4 minutes time to write the story based on that picture. After 4 mins another picture will be shown  for 30 seconds and same process will be followed till last slide i.e blank slide

SSB Preparation TIPS For TAT:

  1. Write in simple way following steps as told in PPDT .
  2. But for the blank page, write a story that relates to you.

  • B-Word Association Test [WAT] : In this test candidate will be shown 60 words back to back, each word will remains on the screen for 15 secs , in 15 secs he is  required to write a sentence which comes  in his  mind first after reading that word.  Likewise you have to write 60 words continuously without any pause in between.

SSB Preparation TIPS For WAT:

  1. Write simple and short sentences.
  2. No need to give second thought, once the word is flashed, pen down your sentence. Otherwise you will miss words
  3. Positivity should be reflected in your thought.
  4. Take care of your hand wring also.

  • C-Situation Reaction Test [SRT]: Candidates are given a booklet with 60 situations written on it, they are required to write their responses based on those 60 situations, time allotted will be 30 mins.

SSB Preparation TIPS For SRT:

  1. Avoid assuming yourself like a superhero. Be sensible and write practical situation.
  2. Explain action which you are showing.
  3. Skipping a situation in between is not a good idea. It projects that you are trying to avoid or run away from that situation.
  4. Manage time effectively. Cant waste time on a single situation.

  • D-Self Description Test [ SD] : This is the onlt test which you can prepare in advance.You will be asked to write opinion about you from your parents, friends, teachers, yourself and thing you would like to develop in future. Time which will be allotted is 15 mins.

SSB Preparation TIPS For SD:

  1. Take help from your friends, teachers and parents. Ask their opinion about yourself and prepare your answer.
  2. Don’t copy from any book. Be natural as truth will come forward in psychology test.
  3. You may introspect yourself to write the answer.

SSB Interview Stage : GROUND TASK (GTO)

This is also has a series of outdoor task.These tasks are to be performed in groups. Actually, you are being judged for your team spirit, group cohesiveness, and your traits as an individual, group member and group leader. Your consistency in your efforts to achieve group goals is being judged. Things observed are a practical application of theoretical knowledge, physical robustness, orator skill, intelligence, time management, problem solving ability. You are not to compete with group members but to support them to achieve goals of the group.

Series of Tests for GTO:

SSB Preparation and Group Test

  • Group Discussion: Two topics back to back for group discussion mostly on current affairs.

SSB Preparation TIPS For GD:

  1. Speak and let the others speak
  2. Content should have quality and relevance.
  3. Listen carefully others.
  4. Show your attention by your body language like nodding and maintaining eye contact.

  • Group Planning Exercise (GPE): First,each candidate will be asked to write his planning for the mentioned problem and map given, afterwards group members are required to discuss the problem and have to come with a common plan with consensus. In last ,  one of the group member will explain the common planning with the help of pointer and map.

SSB Preparation TIPS For GPE:

  1. Use resources which are given in situation.
  2. Keep the distance and time factor in mind, mostly candidates ignore this easily.
  3. Make a priority list of the problems in order of importance.
  4. Be logical in your solution.
  5. Never avoid basic rules of discussion.

  • Progressive Group Task (PGT): Candidate is required to cross some obstacles with the help of supporting materials like rope, , wood log, plank etc. Some rules are required to be followed during this task, it a full group activity.

  • Half Group Task (HGT): Almost same as PGT. Only difference is the number of group members will be half, candidates get more chance to show their potential.

  • Individual Obstacles Task (IOT): Candidate will be required to attempt 10 obstacles individually, each obstacle will consist of some points from 1 to 10.

SSB Preparation TIPS For IOT

  1. Attempt as many obstacles as you can.
  2. If you will move in sequence i.e. in order, you will not miss any obstacle.
  3. Plan in advance.
  4. You can jump or leap wherever necessary. Don’t hesitate.

  • Command Task: Candidate is judged as a commander in this task. He is are required to cross some obstacles with the help of 2-3 subordinates. He is free to choose 2-3 candidates from his own group whom he thinks can help  to clear the obstacles.


  1. Observe, understand and plan once for all.
  2. Commander does not take help of subordinates.
  3. Make rules and do not allow a subordinate to break any rules, at all.
  4. Have confidence and do not give up, on average an obstacle has 2/3 solutions.
  5. Select good subordinates i.e. who are good in obeying the order.

  • Snake race/Group Obstacle Race:It’s a kind of group race in which all group members will be competing with other groups, members will be holding a rope as snake , they are required to cross certain obstacles with the (rope)snake following rules like all other tasks.

  • Individual Lecture: On the spot candidates will be given 4 topics out of which candidate will select any one topic for his lecture. He will give lecture for 3 minutes.

SSB Preparation TIPS For LECTURE:

  1. Make outline of your lecture
  2. Be brief, firm and loud enough.
  3. Take care of time.
  4. You have to give a lecture to your groupmates, not to GTO.
  5. Control excess movement of your hands and overall body movement.

  • Final Group Task (FGT): Nothing new. It is same like PGT, just to give another chance to show your potential.

SSB Preparation TIPS For PGT, HGT AND FGT : 

  1. Open your mind and eyes. Don’t run behind the Balli (stick), fatta(plank) and rassi(rope).
  2. Its Group task, help others in crossing.
  3. Share your ideas when everyone is busy thinking.
  4. Be ready to extend help in next obstacle if you couldn’t help in the previous one.
  5. Never  fight or snatch the helping materials. (Yes, people do that.)
  6. Consent of all is necessary. Never shout like a maniac to get others to use your solution or for helping material.

SSB Personal Interview:

This is deciding element for your recommendation. Be natural as Interview generally revolves around the candidates past, present and future. You will be questioned about your studies, hobbies, like & dislikes, enemy, friends, some social problem(not always), why army? your views on politics.


  1. Your memory, communication, reaction, way of expression ,honesty, understanding, is checked.
  2. Before going for interview drink a glass of water and take 5 deep breathes it really helps to relax you and say to yourself “Its may day today.” and enter.


Each candidate will be facing all SSB board members, he will face few general questions like what did you learn and how was your stay or, the conference is just to decide whether or not to recommend you as an officer in Indian defence forces.

We wish you good luck to get success in this long process of SSB Interview.

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