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SMART Goal Setting For Tennis Players - Tennis Files

Examples of SMART Tennis Goals. -I will increase my NTRP rating by .5 in 1 year by practicing my serve three times a week for 1 hour a day by myself or with a coach to improve my serve consistency. -I will practice my serve for 45 minutes a day every morning to improve my second serve.

Training Plan For Tennis Juniors

As the main purpose of tennis training is to make all strokes and most playing patterns automatic, young players need to repeat the strokes and patterns thousands of times. Instruction is no longer needed after the player has learned the fundamental information about the strokes and playing patterns (only a few reminders here and there); that's where the group lessons with lots of drills come in.

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Planning, Goals & Periodization – Tennis Training & Development

Planning, Goals & Periodization. Planning is important to be efficient with time and training. Often an athlete has limited time so one needs to prioritize. In addition, training should be planned around the competition schedule. That is, training is different before competition, during competition, and after competition.

Periodization Tennis Plan and Schedule

Training to adapt, Solid foundation in every area. High Volume, Low intensity. The emphasis in this period is to develop muscular and cardiovascular endurance. The training is done at a low intensity, so the students can concentrate on stroke development 2- Developmental Phase: Training to Train. High Volume, Medium intensity

Strength Training for Young Tennis Players | ACTIVEkids

What are the goals/ benefits of strength training? Strength training for tennis can help to prevent injury and enhance on-court performance. It is important for all tennis players, even young players, to strengthen the muscles of the rotator cuff to maintain a proper strength balance in the shoulder. With young players, the goal of strength training should also be to increase muscular endurance.

Tennis for Beginners: The Fastest Way to Learn Tennis ...

In general, consistency is a decisive factor in tennis. Because without regular training you will quickly forget the movements again. For success in tennis it is crucial that you get a certain rhythm in your game. In addition to training with a hitting partner, you can also take coaching lessons.


goals in perspective. The important short-term goal of fun and activity must be emphasized above all. If tennis is not fun, or if there is little activity, your child is unlikely to develop a love of the game and will instead find another activity that is more compelling. Long-term goals include the enjoyment of an activity they can play

Tennis Strength and Conditioning Training - What sport ...

The focus of this training is on mind, mobility, strength, endurance, stability. Other aspects of attention are power, agility, speed and performance. Irrespective of level in the tennis game, strength and conditioning is a great way to transform your body and get huge results. This is because it encompasses so much more than only weight lifting.