IAS Preparation Time Table Strategy

Time Management for IAS Preparation
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Preparation of IAS Examination demands management of time to avoid failure. In day to day life, you can observe that people who do not give value to time, time also does not value them. Time Management for IAS Preparation is important as it is said ‘The more your aspirations and determination weigh …….’

Time Management for IAS Preparation

Einstein got it right in saying that time is relative. The more your aspirations and determination weigh the bigger dent you make on the time curve in your favour.


ias preparation and time managementIf you read an autobiography of an Olympic gold medalist, you will observe a rigorous and extensive training schedule that went on for hours.

Listening to your favorite musician at a concert, you must realize the effort he/she had put into for the rehearsal.

While witnessing the marvel by an engineer or scientist, one must take into account the innumerous failures they encountered on their path to innovation. To enjoy the essence of success, sweat must be shed. Time is a necessity but its ever running nature makes it opulent. Time management is an art, which if honed would take a person to the summit of success.

Time Management Strategies for Preparation of IAS Exam:

  1. Assess your time:time table for ias preparation

    At very first step towards time management, u need to assess your personal time spending pattern. An honest track of everything you do for an entire week, from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep will help to assess your time.

    Record every single detail and add up the total at the end of the week. For example, hours spent on eating, shopping, smoking, watching television, web browsing, studying etc., until you have a complete picture of your daily utilization. Only after,  you will be able to balance your schedule for IAS preparation

  2. Set your priorities:

    Everybody is having few strong areas and few weak areas of the syllabus. During IAS Preparation, make a list of your strength and weaknesses and accordingly, your list of priorities would be ready. Even each subject of IAS places different demands.

    Now your second step towards deciding the timetable for UPSC Preparation is deciding ways to complete all required tasks over a weekly, monthly and yearly basis for each subject.

  3. In exhaustive schedule:

    Many of the IAS aspirants tend to make a strict time-table with an account of every minute. Such an exhaustive schedule for IAS preparation becomes tough to follow after the certain period of time.

    Topper’s study time table used to be based on a fixed timeline which can be followed smoothly without tiring the brain and affecting your mental peace.

  4. Your Time Management plan should be S.M.A.R.T:time management strategy for ias preparation

    You are preparing for IAS, manage time smartly.

    Be specific. never ever plan which is vague. For example “I will study for two hours” is a vague plan. Instead of it “I will study math for 2 hours and will cover one/two chapters”. 

    Measure periodically how much value you have added. Test yourself with the help of previously asked papers. Tests are not just to measure your progress, but they will give you push towards betterment.

    Your plan should be achievable. Be realistic, don’t allot short time span to tough topics. It will only lead to stress.

    Time for revision is must in your schedule. In fact, I must say you need to keep a fifty-fifty ratio of time allotment for new readings and revisions. Revise everything you are studying.

    Divide your study plan in small targets, which are specific and achievable, measure them with a test and revise without any excuse. So, it was SMART time management strategy for IAS Preparation.

  5. Consistent reading:

    If you are keeping one hour for reading, no matter what happens in the world, u must concentrate on utilizing those precious 60 minutes for reading your text material related to IAS preparation.

    Keep your primary distraction away from you and avoid taking any break during the allotted time for reading. Time Management strategy for IAS Preparation demands control over own mind during the time allotted for study.

  6. Avoid, avoid and avoid:ias preparation and time management

    Avoid giving excuses to yourself in the name of getting “re-energizing” yourself.

    Avoid for going beverages and cigarette in the group. Sipping the beverage would cost you five minutes but in a group, you will end up spending 20-30 minutes gossiping when in a group.

    Avoid clingy people be it in life or on phone.

    Avoid interaction through social media as much as possible.

    Avoid being conscious about remarks regarding posts made by you on social media. Fix your time to go through your email and other notifications. So, next strategy to make study timetable for ias aspirants is deciding your time waster and keep a distance from them.

  7. Healthy lifestyle:ias preparation

    You are not a robot. Schedule some time to relax. Get sufficient sleep (6 hours) as well. Eat healthy food. Meditation for 15 minutes on daily basis is vital and essential. Last but not the least, a big no to alcohol.

    IAS preparation demands tight schedule but at the same time, a healthy body is the first priority.

  8. Stick to the plan:time management tips

    Most importantly you need to remember that the plan is meant to be followed. Be the best judge for directing your efforts. Don’t go after every second person for advice as too many cooks spoil the broth.

    Stick to your time management plan for IAS Preparation as well as for success. The moment we delve to explore other available options in the fear of failure, we unknowingly push ourselves to failure. Still, if you are not able to make your own timetable , you can search for pdf available online.

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As we analyze different aspects of Time Management for IAS Preparation and its utilization, we come to a conclusion that every single minute bestowed upon us is precious and to ace the examination, we must extract it till the last drop. The thing that differentiates the IAS toppers from the rest is the appropriate time management because, at the end of the day, both would have used 24 hours but for different purposes.


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