UPSC prelims 2019 | Preparation for IAS and other civil services

If you are looking answer of the question ‘how to prepare for UPSC prelims 2019,’ it is a must read article. We will help you to check your IAS preparation till date and keep yourself mentally calm for UPSC Prelims.

UPSC has announced that the Civil Services Preliminary Examination will be held in  June 2019. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the civil services exam every year to select IAS, IFS, IPS and officers for other services.

Aspirants of Indian Forest Services also appear in the same Preliminary Examination and cut off range go higher for forest services in comparison to civil services.

In UPSC Prelims stage candidate’s general mental ability and basic numeracy skill is being tested which includes logical and reasoning ability, basic numeracy,  interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, problem solving and  English comprehension.

UPSC Prelims is a stage of Rejection.

No doubt, aspirants must be working hard. Time has come to check your schedule if you are giving time to practice essay type questions for preparation of IAS Mains. UPSC Prelims is on 03 June, start brushing your skills for it now. UPSC is very brutal at its first stage, it seems this stage is not for selection of eligible candidates rather it is a stage of rejection. Yes, rejection of those large no. of candidates who don’t fit in their criteria. It’s better, you focus for three months exclusively for this stage of brutal rejection by UPSC.

Simply thinking about preparation will not be sufficient, make your first plan to clear UPSC Prelims.

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How To Prepare for UPSC Prelims 2019?

UPSC Prelims Exam is a knowledge-based exam. It does not test your subject specific academic skill only but it judges your analytical skill, observation skill, data interpretation and general awareness skill. It’s not a test of one or twofocused ias preparation subjects only, UPSC Prelims syllabus is very vast, truly speaking it’s not a child play. It does not mean that cracking UPSC civil services is a herculean task, people like you do it and you can also do it as well. You need to be focused like Arjuna by keeping attention only on Bird’s eye. You should have a plan of action to achieve your goal. You must have read a quote by Katherine Paterson

a dream without a plan is just a wish’.

So who have goal get succeeded and who have just ‘wish’ get rejected at this preliminary stage.

Candidate should not dishearten themselves if they think they can’t sit for 18-20 hours a day for UPSC preparation. You can see around you that people who study forstart UPSC prelims preparation 17-18 hours a day but fail to pass whereas, many students who study only for 7-8 hours pass the exam only because of the right approach. It’s only a myth that cracking any exam demands toiling day and night but it depends on planning and guidance, perseverance and consistency. 

UPSC Prelims exam contains questions from almost all the fields. A person should be Polymath. General Knowledge cannot be mastered overnight, you have to start early. I always suggest UPSC aspirants start from schooling days. Obviously, a candidate must have knowledge of surroundings whether they are appearing in any competition or not. Lets start answering tips for IAS preparation strategy for beginners.

Self Preparation Tips to appear in UPSC Prelims

Preliminary Examination of civil services is being considered one of the toughest examinations in fact. Who are doing Self preparation at home are thinking day and night for various preparation tips, material, books and free pdf. They can handle this exam by using certain techniques like

  1. Solve Previous Year’s Papers of UPSC Prelims:

First task of each aspirant of UPSC Prelims is to solve past years papers. Ideally, candidates should solve 10 years papers. If you have not solved till now, solve papers of last five years at least. Solving last year’s UPSC Prelims papers is must as it helps

  • To keep close tab on study pattern
  • To check quality of study
  • To check time management
  • To reduce the percentage of guessing answers.
  • To reduce chances of negative marking
  • To make a list of errors done
  • To improve weak areas
  • To make a personalized improvement plan

Link to get old question papers


  1. Practice for avoiding Negative Marking in UPSC Prelims.

Handling negative marking is the key to crack to UPSC prelims. There is no other alternative practice for Preparation of civil services; you need to take help of various test papers. You would get accustomed to a variety of questions with practice. For the purpose, you can register yourself for any online or offline test series offered by any established coaching or blog. This test helps …

  • Boost confidence
  • To increase accuracy
  • To get accustomed to the variety of questions
  • To harness skill of solving questions in given time
  • To use common sense to solve a very uncommon question

Hope, slowing you are getting answer to your question ‘how to prepare for upsc prelims?’. Move ahead for more tips.

  1. Make a notebook of errors for UPSC Prelims Preparation.ias preparation note book

While giving online/offline test series or solving previous years papers, you will commit errors. Sometimes these errors would be very silly. Sometimes, you will find that clue was there in the question itself and by using common sense you could have solved it. You are advised to note all your errors done in the process with its correct version in a separate notebook. Revise this notebook before UPSC Prelims Exam.

  1. Smartly prepare Static G.K.for UPSC Prelims:

If you will check previous year’s papers of UPSC Prelims, you will find that current years also ask questions from static general knowledge. G.K which will not get changed with time. Whatever topic, you are studying in the duration of UPSC preparation; make a separate chart/notebook of static G.K. related to that topic.

Take help of Google to collect static G.K. of the topic which you are preparing for IAS. But be careful while goggling as you can waste time in reading lots of unwanted material. This skill can be excelled only by seeing last year’s papers.

Few topics like Indian Freedom Struggle, Basics of Constitution of India, Physical Geography of India, Basic terms of all subjects, old government policies and plans will not change with time, keep command over these topics as a strategy.

In the same way topic you are studying, write all static knowledge of that topic at one place which will help you at the time of revision for UPSC Prelims.

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Samanya Adhyan Manual Paper-1 2018

Samanya Adhyayan Prashna Patra II 2018

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  1. Comprehensive Reading during IAS Preparation helps in UPSC Prelims:

It does not mean that you should read every second book which is being suggested by experts for IAS Preparation. This is a paper of general awareness, you should read different subjects. Keep at least one mother book of different subjects.

Be a keen learner. Once you will develop the habit of comprehensive reading you would be able to connect various aspects of general studies with one another, we get an edge over others. Diversified study and awareness pay a lot. In simple words, read as much possible.

books for ias preparation



UPSC Preparation Book  with links

of Amazon 

History of Modern India
Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas
Bipan Chandra
Indian National Movement
Bharat Ka Rashtria Aandolan
Bipan Chandra
Ancient IndiaClass XI NCERT Old (Broadly)
Medieval IndiaClass XI NCERT Old (Broadly)
Indian Art and Culture
Bharatiya Kala Evam Sanskriti
Old Edition of Nitin Singhania &

NCERT Book of XI for Fine Arts.

GeographyNew Books of NCERT from 9 to 12. Focus on boxed articles.

If you can spare time, Certificate Physical and Human Geography by GC Leong for Physical Geography.


Bharat Ki Rajvayvastha
M.Laxmikanth &

any app on Constitution for your socialising time.

EconomyEconomic Survey and any reputed summary notes.
EnvironmentGoogle and Wikipedia.

Search Wikipedia page for Environmental Organisations and read first two paragraphs of all related topics.

General ScienceUse your basic knowledge
Current AffairsThe Hindu or Frontline

Links are given in above table to buy books online.

  1. preparation with wiki6. Use diverse resources in Preparation for UPSC Prelims:mobile apps for upsc prelims

Current Affairs cannot be prepared by reading few books only, for the purpose you need to make smart use of diverse resources. On one side you need to be a regular reader of anyone National level newspaper preferably, the Hindu and on another side, you must be familiar with AIR, PIB, India Portal other government media. Mobile is with us all the time, use apps, Wikipedia pages and government websites. But be careful while using the net, it can waste your time also. You should be sure about what you want to read that simply means ‘be a smart reader’ for UPSC Prelims as the date of exam is approaching.

UPSC Preparation with Radiopress for upsc prelimsnewspaper reading for ias

  1. Meditation is must in Civil Services Preparation:

Preparation of an exam does not only include reading of study material. It also includes taking care of your physical and mental fitness. Take care of your eating habit for your physical fitness and spare at least half an hour for your mental fitness too. Meditate daily because you need to be calm on the day of UPSC Prelims exam. Don’t allow yourself to get panic even before exam also. Those hours of exams demand strong mind without any anxiety.

civil services preparation and meditataion

Read Role of Coaching

  1. Maximum Revision helps to prepare and clear UPSC Prelims:

Revise on daily basis. Schedule your time in a way that you are keeping proper time for revision whatrevision helpsever you have read previous day. Don’t increase your reading resources for your exam preparation but give time to revision. Only three things work in this exam revision, revision, and revision.


Hence, to conclude, UPSC Prelims is not a Hercules task, it can be passed with a combination of smart and hard work during your preparation.This is not all about ‘how to prepare for upsc prelims?’ To know more …

Read articles related to the effect of positive thinking on your result and strategy of assumptions to keep you away from any negativity.

We wish you good luck with your success in UPSC Prelims. Check this website at all stages of your IAS preparation. To read for preparation strategy for mains, click on link Mains Preparation. We will try our best to give unique articles to refresh you. 

Just stay Focused and prepare for IAS Prelims without any distraction. Get UPSC Syllabus.